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There are three types of cancer pain How can cancer pain be diagnosed? Treatment of cancer pain Cancers that cause shoulder pain Cancer pain is characterized by a very sharp pain in shoulder

Cancer pains can be alleviated

Cancer pain is defined as a treatable pain. Isolated or combined use of various treatment modalities provides good outcomes in the management of pain. Even medication treatment alone may reduce the pain by >70 percent. Cancer pain can be controlled with nerve blocks, nerve stimulation approaches, physiotherapy, nerve injuring methods and surgical approaches along with medication treatments.

There are three types of cancer pain

There are three types of cancer pain. These are pains secondary to tissue damage, involvement of visceral organs and nervous involvement. The tissue damage is responsible for pains that are secondary to osseous metastasis and for the postoperative pain. If the tumor originates from a visceral organ or the cancer has spread to visceral organs, generalized pain in the form of cramps develops secondary to the involvement of the visceral organ. The cancer itself or medicines used to treat the cancer may cause the nervous damage. This type of pain is characterized by burning, stringing and tingling.

Cancer pain mimics many other pains. It may be confused with many pain syndromes, as tissue damage, organ involvement and nervous damage exist simultaneously. Patients with cancer visit a doctor most commonly due to bone ache. Problems of the skeletal system are very commonly manifested by pain in the cancer.

How can cancer pain be diagnosed?

Cancer pains are characterized with well localized, sharp or generalized cramps or burning, stinging and tingling.

Treatment of cancer pain

Medical treatment is used that covers pain killers, chemotherapy, nerve block and pump systems. Moreover, physical medicine modalities (reducing the loss of function and the resultant pain with orthesis and/or prosthesis), neurostimulators, drugs that suppress transmission of pain signal and surgical treatment (removal of pituitary gland) can also be considered for the treatment.

Cancer pain is usually accompanied by psychiatric disorders. And they have negative effects on the ability of the person to cope with cancer. Most common ones are depression and anxiety disorder. Medication treatments, hypnosis and relaxation techniques help recovery of the mood and they have positive effects on the management of pain.

Cancers that cause shoulder pain

Injury of muscles, bones and tendons, history of trauma, fractures and diseases of shoulder joint are the most common cause of the shoulder pain in the general population. The shoulder pain may be accompanied by limited motion. A heart attack may also cause shoulder pain. There are also cancers that lead to shoulder pain. Shoulder pain is most commonly caused by lung cancer. Shoulder pain can be the initial sign of breast cancer in a woman. Moreover, a shoulder pain may point to a prostate cancer, where osseous involvement is very common. Cancers that involve the gallbladder and the bile ducts may also cause shoulder pain.

Cancer pain is characterized by a very sharp pain in shoulder

The shoulder pain in cancer patients is characterized by sharp, well localized and severe pain that is similar to being stabbed and usually caused by spread of tumor to the bone. These pains respond to the medical treatment well. Radiotherapy that aims reducing size of the tumor may also alleviate the pain.